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A dynamin-like protein encoded by the yeast sporulation gene SP015


THE tightly centromere-linked gene SPO15 is essential for meiotic cell division in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Diploid cells without the intact SPO15 gene product are able to complete premeiotic DNA synthesis and genetic recombination, but are unable to traverse the division cycles. Electron microscopy of blocked cells reveals a duplicated but unseparated spindle-pole body. Thus cells are unable to form a bipolar spindle. Sequence analysis of SPO15 DNA reveals an open reading frame that predicts a protein of 704 amino acids. This protein is identical to VPS1, a gene involved in vacuolar protein sorting in yeast which has significant sequence homology (45% overall, 66% over 300 amino acids) to the microtubule bundling-protein, dynamin. The SPO15 gene product expressed in Escherichia coli can be affinity-purified with microtubules. SPO15 encodes a protein that is likely to be involved in a microtubule-dependent process required for the timely separation of spindle-pole bodies in meiosis

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