Genetic evidence equating SRY and the testis-determining factor


THE testis-determining factor gene (TDF) lies on the Y chromosome and is responsible for initiating male sex determination. SRY is a gene located in the sex-determining region of the human and mouse Y chromosomes and has many of the properties expected for TDFl–3 Sex reversal in XY females results from the failure of the testis determination or differentiation pathways. Some XY females, with gonadal dysgenesis, have lost the sex-determining region from the Y chromosome by terminal exchange between the sex chromosomes4 or by other deletions5. If SRY is TDF, it would be predicted that some sex-reversed XY females, without Y chromosome deletions, will have suffered mutations in SRY. We have tested human XY females and normal XY males for alterations in SRY using the single-strand conformation polymorphism assay6,7 and subsequent DNA sequencing. A de novo mutation was found in the SRY gene of one XY female: this mutation was not present in the patient's normal father and brother. A second variant was found in the SRY gene of another XY female, but in this case the normal father shared the same alteration. The variant in the second case may be fortuitously associated with, or predisposing towards sex reversal; the de novo mutation associated with sex reversal provides compelling evidence that SRY is required for male sex determination.

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