Nucleotide sequence of Bombyx mori L. tRNA1Gly


THE functional adaptation of the tRNA population in the posterior silk gland of the silkworm Bombyx mori L during growth and secretion of fibroin1 is the result of changes in the predominant isoaccepting tRNA species to accord with the frequency of various codons in fibroin mRNA (refs 2–4). tRNA adaptation to fibroin biosynthesis can be demonstrated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis maps. The main glycine codons GGU and GGA of fibroin mRNA (ref. 3) are translated by means of two prevalent iso-tRNAGly species: iso-tRNA1Gly decodes GGU and GGC whereas iso-tRNA2Gly decodes GGA (refs 4–6). The glycine tRNA1, the first sequenced tRNA from an insect6, has 74 nucleotides and relatively few modified residues7: one thymidine, one pseudouridine, one dihydrouridine, one 1-methyl adenine, 1-methyl guanosine, four 5-methyl cytidine and one unusal 2′-O-methyl uridine in the acceptor stem. It carries the expected GCC anticodon4. Comparison with three other homodecoding tRNAGCCGly species reveals a high degree of homology.

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