Chromatin dispersal and DNA synthesis in G1 and G2 HeLa cell nuclei injected into Xenopus eggs


IF HeLa cells that are synthesising DNA (S phase) are fused with others in the G1 phase of the cell cycle, DNA synthesis is prematurely induced in the G1 nuclei. But if S-phase cells are fused with G2 phase cells, which have already-replicated their DNA, synthesis is not induced in the G2 nuclei, although it continues in the S-phase nuclei1. Evidently nuclei of G2 cells contain components that prevent replication of their DNA even in the presence of the enzymes and substrates. If cell nuclei are injected into eggs of Xenopus laevis they usually swell within 1 h to many-times their original volume, the chromatin becoming dispersed throughout the swollen nucleus. Simultaneously, DNA replication begins in the nuclei2. We have injected nuclei of G1 and G2 HeLa cells into Xenopus eggs in a study of the relationship between this chromatin dispersal and DNA synthesis, and the restriction to DNA synthesis in G2 nuclei.

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