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Tumour promotor induces plasminogen activator


INFECTION of chick embryo fibroblasts with Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) induces a cell-specified plasminogen activator1. Induction occurs with transforming viruses but not with lytic viruses or with oncornaviruses which are not themselves transforming2. Similarly, many mammalian cell lines and embryo cultures transformed with either viruses or chemical carcinogens may be high producers of plasminogen activator in contrast to their untransformed counterparts3–6. A correlation has been demonstrated between production of plasminogen activator and various features of the transformed phenotype, such as cell locomotion, morphology and loss of anchorage-dependent growth4,7. Several established cell lines which are not highly tumorigenic or transformed by the usual criteria are, however, active producers of plasminogen activator; there are examples also of transformed or tumorigenic cell lines which do not produce significant levels of plasminogen activator3,8–10.

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