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Lipopolysaccharide induces C-type virus in short term cultures of BALB/c spleen cells

Naturevolume 254pages6061 (1975) | Download Citation



IN certain strains of mice, such as AKR, C-type viruses occur throughout life and can readily be detected by infectivity assays1,2. In other seemingly virus-free strains, C-type viruses can be activated in vivo by X irradiation3,4, chemical carcinogens5, graft-versus-host reactions6 and in vitro by long term cultivation7, by X rays8, halogenated pyrimidine analogues9,10 and mixed lymphocyte reactions6. We report here that lipopolysaccharide, a B-cell mitogen18, induces C-type virus in short term cultures of BALB/c spleen cells.

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  1. Friedrich Miescher-Institut, Basel, Switzerland

  2. Biological Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Division, CIBA-GEIGY Limited, Basel, Switzerland



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