Solubilisation of angiotensin II receptors in rabbit aortae membranes

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HORMONE-RECEPTOR interaction is the first step of a chain of cellular processes leading to the hormonal response. Receptor sites are believed to be macromolecular components finite in number, possessing a genetically determined structure and capable of specific recognition and interaction with hormones with a, high degree of specificity and affinity. Receptors of steroid hormones are intracellular, whereas those of neurotransmitters and polypeptide hormones are located in the cell membranes1.

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DEVYNCK, M., PERNOLLET, M., MEYER, P. et al. Solubilisation of angiotensin II receptors in rabbit aortae membranes. Nature 249, 67–69 (1974) doi:10.1038/249067a0

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