Exogenous Interferon protects Mice against Plasmodium berghei Malaria

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WE have shown previously that several inducers of interferon protect mice against Plasmodium berghei malaria and that this protection is far greater against sporozoite-induced infections than against blood form-induced infection1–3. Others have reported that prolonged incubation of parasitized red blood cells (RBC) with serum containing interferon in vitro decreased or abolished the capacity of these cells to initiate lethal malarial infection in mice4. Another group found, however, that interferon had no effect on the development of malaria parasites in RBC in vitro (personal communication from T. Merigan). We show here that exogenous mouse serum interferon protects mice against sporozoite-induced Plasmodium berghei malaria.

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JAHIEL, R., VILCEK, J. & NUSSENZWEIG, R. Exogenous Interferon protects Mice against Plasmodium berghei Malaria. Nature 227, 1350–1351 (1970) doi:10.1038/2271350a0

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