Renal Prostaglandins: Possible Regulators of the Renal Actions of Pressor Hormones

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WE describe here the release from the kidney by angiotensin II and noradrenaline of substances which have the properties of prostaglandins. This observation may help to account for the antihypertensive function of the kidney first suggested by Fasciolo1, who demonstrated that removal of the kidney contralateral to an ischaemic kidney produced sustained hypertension in dogs. We have adapted the bioassay method of Vane2, the super-fused blood-bathed organ technique, for the detection of prostaglandins in renal venous blood in response to infusions of arigioteiisin II or noradrenaline into the renal artery.

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MCGIFF, J., CROWSHAW, K., TERRAGNO, N. et al. Renal Prostaglandins: Possible Regulators of the Renal Actions of Pressor Hormones. Nature 227, 1255–1257 (1970) doi:10.1038/2271255b0

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