Immunoglobulin Allotypic Determinants on Rabbit Lymphocytes

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THE initiation of the immune response is believed to involve the recognition of antigen by specific receptors on the surface of lymphocytes. The transformation of rabbit and human lymphocytes by antisera to immunoglobulins1–3, the blocking of antigen binding by lymphocytes using anti-immunoglobulins4 and the inhibition of antigen induced lymphocyte transformation by anti-light chain serum5 suggest that such receptors are immunoglobulin in nature or at least possess immunoglobulin determinants. We have now obtained direct evidence for the presence of immunoglobulin determinants on the surface of rabbit lymphocytes by autoradiography using radio-labelled anti-allotype sera.

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JONES, G., MARCUSON, E. & ROITT, I. Immunoglobulin Allotypic Determinants on Rabbit Lymphocytes. Nature 227, 1051–1053 (1970) doi:10.1038/2271051a0

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