Absolute Experimental and Theoretical Determination of the Copper-63(n,2n)Copper-62 Reaction Cross-section


THE copper-63(n,2n)copper-62 reaction cross-section has been accepted1 as a standard for measuring neutron flux in the 14 MeV region. Unfortunately, this cross-section varies rapidly with neutron energy, and thus it is important that the cross-section should be predictable on a theoretical basis in order to relate the various experimental determinations. Usually2,3 (n,2n) cross-sections are calculated on the statistical model using an experimental value for the relevant (n,n) cross-section. In this investigation the necessity of the measured (n,n) cross-section has been eliminated.

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COX, A., CRUMPTON, D. Absolute Experimental and Theoretical Determination of the Copper-63(n,2n)Copper-62 Reaction Cross-section. Nature 216, 996–997 (1967). https://doi.org/10.1038/216996a0

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