Autoradiographic Detection of Reactive Protein-SH and its application to Anuran Haemoglobin Chains


THERE is a need for a simple method of detecting reactive sulphydryl groups in proteins and polypeptides after separation by zone electrophoresis. Most of the methods for detection and measurement of reactive sulphydryl groups are ultimately based on spectrophotometric measurements and only suitable for the sulphydryl groups of proteins in solution. An alternative method for the detection and comparison of the relative sulphydryl content of electrophoretically separable components of a mixture of polypeptides and/or proteins has been devised. This method which eliminates the need for previous isolation and purification of the protein mixture is based on autoradiography of mercury-203 bound to sulphydryl groups. We report here its application to several proteins with a known sulphydryl content and its use to show the absence of these groups in all tadpole haemoglobin chains and their presence in both chains of several frog haemoglobins.

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