Unusual Endplate Potentials which reflect the Complexity of Muscle Structure


Falk and Fatt1,2 recently proposed a new equivalent circuit to account for the electrical impedance of frog sartorius and crayfish muscle fibres. In this new model (Fig. 1) the transverse impedance of the resting membrane is represented by a network of several elements rather than by a resistance and a capacitance in parallel as in the simple rc core conductor cable model3. Falk and Fatt4 have suggested that variations which have been reported in some neuromuscular junctional potentials of crustacean muscle can be attributed to the impedance properties of this more complicated circuit model. The model for frog sartorius muscle is in good agreement with other studies of the structural and electrical properties of the fibres5–8. (A model which differs somewhat from that of Falk and Fatt but is similarly complicated has been proposed for crayfish muscle9.)

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