Factors influencing Lysis of Whole Blood Clots

  • A Corrigendum to this article was published on 30 December 1967


LITTLE is known about the mechanism by which blood clots or fibrin monolayers usually lyse. The enzyme plasmin (fibrinolysin) has been assumed to play a key part in this mechanism and for this reason plasmin, its substrates fibrinogen and fibrin and its naturally occurring inhibitors have all been extensively studied and characterized1. The biological importance of these studies has depended on the assumption that the plasmin system serves to maintain the homeostatic balance between the polymerization of fibrin and the dissolution of this polymer. Although much is known about the activation of the polymerization phase of this homeostatic system, there is little information about the mode of activation of the clot dissolving or plasmin system in the intact blood clot. We describe here in qualitative terms some of the factors and steps involved in the lysis of a clot from whole blood diluted 1: 10 with phosphate buffer2.

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