Change in Chang Liver Cells from Virus Susceptibility to Resistance mediated by Persistent Infection with Echovirus Type 9


CERTAIN mutants of echovirus type 9 are able to destroy a variety of stable epithelial cell lines–Chang liver, KB and FL. This genetic character, designated by us cha+, has been used to differentiate the various mutants of echovirus type 9, some occurring in the cha+ and others in the cha forms1,2. A persistent infection may be established in vigorously growing Chang liver cells when a low virus inoculum of a cha+ mutant is used. This infection is characterized by virus multiplication to high titre in the absence of microscopically visible cellular damage. Such a, virus carrier state can be maintained for long periods of time by regular changes of growth medium and passage of the cells, and may finally result in spontaneous cure and total loss of susceptibility of the cells to homologous virus challenge. This communication deals with certain aspects of this virus-cell system.

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GOLDBLUM, N., BEN-ISHAI, Z. & CYMBALISTA, S. Change in Chang Liver Cells from Virus Susceptibility to Resistance mediated by Persistent Infection with Echovirus Type 9. Nature 210, 553–554 (1966).

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