Components of the Spore Wall of Pithomyces chtartarum

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THE cell walls of fungi are known to contain large quantities of carbohydrate material, mainly composed of polymers of glucose, galactose, mannose and amino-sugars1,2, but only in a few cases have the components been isolated from the walls and characterized. It is generally accepted that glycoproteins account for a considerable portion of the wall material in yeast3, as they do in the hyphal walls of the filamentous fungus, Pithomyces chartarum4. Very little is known about the composition of spore walls; those of Aspergillus oryzae contain carbohydrate, protein and nucleic acid5, and those of Mucor rouxii have carbohydrate, protein, lipid and pigment6, the carbohydrate having been isolated as glucan, mannan and chitosan.

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