Antibody Production in Mice with Isologous Tumours


THIS communication presents the results from experiments on the production of humoral antibodies by mice growing isologous transplantable tumours. The ability to produce antibodies by human cancer patients has been extensively investigated in recent years, and it has been shown that this ability is significantly depressed in patients with malignant disease1. Fewer observations have been made on the antibody production by experimental animals with tumours. Bogden and Aptekman2 have demonstrated a reduction in the naturally occurring heteroagglutinins in mice with tumours, and Parfentjev et al.3 have shown that the proteus agglutination titre is reduced in chickens with the Rous sarcoma. In an attempt to find an experimental model similar to the human situation, the production of humoral antibodies by two strains of mice growing transplantable isologous tumours has been investigated.

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