Gamma-ray-induced Polymerization of some Vinyltin Compounds


ALTHOUGH much work has recently been carried out on the syntheses of vinylmetallic compounds1, work on their polymerization has been surprisingly scarce, especially radiation polymerization. Moreover, these compounds seem to be regarded as substances scarcely polymerizable in general. For example, with triethylvinyltin, one of the compounds treated in this communication, Korshak et al.2 observed the formation of the oligomer, when they heated it with di-t-butylperoxide to 120° C under pressure as high as 6,000 atm. (ref. 2).

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HAYAKAWA, K., KAWASE, K. & MATSUDA, T. Gamma-ray-induced Polymerization of some Vinyltin Compounds. Nature 206, 1038–1039 (1965) doi:10.1038/2061038b0

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