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Brain Tumours induced in Hamsters inoculated intracerebrally at Birth with Rous Sarcoma Virus



IT has been previously shown that new-born hamsters are susceptible to the oncogenic effect of polyoma virus1 introduced intracerebrally2. Likewise, S V 40 virus3 which was shown to be oncogenic when injected subcutaneously into new-born hamsters4 also proved capable of inducing papillary ependymomas after intracerebral inoculation into the same animals5. In recent years a variant of the chicken Rous sarcoma virus (RSV), the Schmidt-Ruppin strain6, has been shown to be oncogenic in a variety of subcutaneously inoculated rodents, including hamsters7. The investigation described here was undertaken to determine the effects of intracerebral inoculation of this virus into new-born hamsters.

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