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Determination of 2-Phenylethanol in Cider

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METHODS used for the determination of 2-phenylethanol in fermented beverages have utilized solvent extraction of the beverage or of a distillate, followed by measurements of absorption spectra1–3 or by gas chromatography4–8. The compound is not included in the determination of fusel oils by the colorimetric procedures usually adopted8,9. The methods described have certain disadvantages: preliminary extraction may be incomplete unless prolonged, absorption measurements may involve previous purification of the fraction containing 2-phenyl-ethanol, and in the gas chromatographic methods described the retention time of the compound may exceed 1 h with column temperatures above 100°. The method to be described is simple in operation and has been found satisfactory for cider: by the use of a column of low capacity of the type described by Hishta et al.10 the retention time of 2-phenylethanol has been reduced to 8 min.


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