Antioxidants isolated from Fermented Soybeans (Tempeh)


IN an examination of the nutritional value of tempeh, which is prepared by the action of Rhizopus oryzae on boiled soybeans, rats fed tempeh showed better growth and greater resistance of red blood cells to in vitro dialuric acid-induced hæmolysis than rats fed plain boiled soybeans1. Hæmolysis of red blood cells induced by dialuric acid or by appropriate low concentration of hydrogen peroxide indicates in general a deficiency of vitamin E as a biologically highly effective antioxidant2,3. The comparative findings between boiled and boiled-fermented (tempeh) soybeans seems to support the preliminary conclusion that antioxidants were either formed de novo or liberated during fermentation through fungal activity from complex, originally inactive compounds, present in unfermented soybeans.

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