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Effect of Whole-body Irradiation on the Uptake of Sulphur-35 as Sodium Sulphate into Rat Brain Sulphatides


SPLEEN and thymus have been found to exhibit a biochemical lesion; namely, uncoupling after they have been exposed in vivo to sub-lethal doses of ionizing radiation1–5. Hall et al.6 have shown that the rate of synthesis of ATP in liver mitochondria was decreased by 20 per cent after irradiation for 1 h and remained at this lower level for 12 h. Florsheim et al.7 have shown that in vivo irradiation with 500–800 r. of X-rays did not impair the ability of adult mouse brain to metabolize oxygen. Whole-body irradiation increases plasma phospholipids8 and increases the total mitochondria phospholipids, especially the phosphatidyl glycerol fraction9. Kennedy10 and Garbus et al.11 have demonstrated that synthesis of phospholipids occurs in isolated mitochondria and requires the maintenance of oxidative phosphorylation or the addition of ATP. The incorporation of 35S-sulphate into rat brain sulphatides has been investigated12. The concentration of sulphatides–sulphur in brain is a function of age and the incorporation of the isotope into the sulphalipid takes place only in the young animal12–14. The synthesis of sulphalipids requires ATP16. With these observations in mind, experiments were undertaken to determine the effect of whole-body X-irradiation on the uptake of 35S-sulphate into rat brain sulphatides.

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