Radiolytic Oxidation of Ferrous Solutions with Standardized Internal Sources of Polonium-210


THE G-value of the oxidation in the aerated ‘Fricke’ dosimeter solution for irradiation with the α-particles of polonium-210 does not appear to be established accurately. Values ranging from 6.3 to 5.1 have been published with a tendency towards the lower figures as time progressed. The latest values, 5.5 and 5.1, published simultaneously by Lefort and Tarrago1 and Trumbore and Hart2 respectively, do not agree. We have redetermined this value by radiolysis with polonium-210 dissolved in 0.8 N sulphuric acid containing ferrous ammonium sulphate and sodium chloride both at a concentration of 10−3 M. The energy dissipated by radioactive decay, and absorbed by the system, was determined from standardization of the specific activity by 4π-internal liquid scintillation counting and an acceptance of the value 5.305 MeV. (ref. 3) for the energy of the polonium-210 particle. No account was taken of possible effects caused by the recoiling lead-206 nucleus.

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