Intranuclear Formation of Cytomegalic Inclusion Disease Virus


HUMAN cytomegalic inclusion disease virus has been isolated in human fibroblast cultures and its cytopathogenic properties characterized by Smith1, Rowe et al. 2, Weller3, and Weller et al. 4. The present communication deals with some appearances in the electron microscope. The strain used is the Kerr strain obtained from Dr. T. H. Weller which has been passaged in tissue culture about 20 times. The virus was grown in human embryonic skin-muscle fibroblasts5, the medium for both growth and maintenance being Earle's saline, 0.5 per cent lactalbumin hydrolysate, 10 per cent inactivated horse serum, soya bean trypsin inhibitor and antibiotics ; the pH was adjusted with sodium bicarbonate to 7.2. For electronmicroscopy the medium was poured off and the cells fixed in situwith buffered osmic acid for 1 hr. After dehydration through alcohol, the tissue was scraped off the glass and embedded in methacrylate. Thin sections were cut for examination.

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