Auto-Antibodies against Antigen derived from Colon in the Microsomes of Regional Colonie Lymph Glands in Human Ulcerative Colitis


THE sera of children with ulcerative colitis have been shown to contain a γ-globulin which reacts with an antigen prepared by phenol–water extraction of human colon. The serum factor may be termed an auto-antibody1. This communication presents evidence that antibody against the same antigen also occurs in the regional colonic lymph glands but not in the ileal glands of the patients and that it is bound to the microsomes of the colonic glands.

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PERLMANN, P., BROBERGER, O. Auto-Antibodies against Antigen derived from Colon in the Microsomes of Regional Colonie Lymph Glands in Human Ulcerative Colitis. Nature 188, 749–751 (1960).

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