Sialoadenectomy and the Distribution of Thyrotrophin labelled with Iodium-131

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PREVIOUS reports from these laboratories1,2 have indicated the thyroid response to thyrotrophic hormone, as measured by uptake of phosphorus-32 (ref. 3), to be increased in sialoadenectomized animals when compared with intact controls. Hypophysectomy and hypophysectomy plus sialoadenectomy gave identical results as regards iodine trapping by rat thyroid, but the ratio of thyroid organic iodine-131 to inorganic iodine-131 indicated that sialoadenectomy reduced the synthesis of organically bound iodine-131 (ref. 4). To date, our observations have indicated some change in the modus operandi of thyrotrophic hormone in animals whose salivary glands have been removed. To obtain further information regarding the role of thyrotrophic hormone in sialex animals, it was decided to investigate the distribution of labelled hormone therein.

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WASE, A., FENG, Y. Sialoadenectomy and the Distribution of Thyrotrophin labelled with Iodium-131. Nature 187, 778–780 (1960) doi:10.1038/187778b0

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