Determination of Fatty Acids of Lower Molecular Weight by Gas Chromatography

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ANALYTICAL methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of fatty acids have been concerned primarily with the fatty acids of higher molecular weight because of their importance in health and nutrition. Small quantities of fatty acids as the methyl esters can be separated by the gas liquid partition chromatography of James and Martin1,2. The fractionation is based on the length of the carbon chain with the more recent development, including fractionation on the basis of unsaturation3–5. These methods, however, do not provide for the convenient analysis of the acids of lower molecular weight in a mixture of fatty acids. By modification of the method of Craig and Murty5 it is possible to separate and identify the fatty acids of lower molecular weight with the same column as that used for the separation of the acids of higher molecular weight.

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VORBECK, M., MATTICK, L., LEE, F. et al. Determination of Fatty Acids of Lower Molecular Weight by Gas Chromatography. Nature 187, 689 (1960) doi:10.1038/187689a0

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