Recombination of Oxygen Atoms in the Gas Phase

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THE rate of gas phase recombination of oxygen atoms at 10° C. in a flow system has been measured. The experimental method was essentially that described by Schiff1. Oxygen atoms were produced from electrolytic gas containing a small percentage of water vapour by passage through a microwave discharge. The decay of oxygen atom concentration along the axis of a cylindrical ‘Pyrex’ tube, 4 cm. in diameter and 100 cm. long, was followed by a movable isothermal probe similar to that used by Schiff1. Linear flow-rates in the range 60–250 cm./sec. and total pressure of 0.3–2 mm. mercury were employed. The initial atom concentration, estimated from the power input to the probe, was of the order 5–10 per cent.

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DICKENS, P., GOULD, R., LINNETT, J. et al. Recombination of Oxygen Atoms in the Gas Phase. Nature 187, 686–688 (1960) doi:10.1038/187686a0

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