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Influence of DDT and Lindane on Chordotonal Organs in the Cockroach


THERE has been much interest recently in stretch and strain receptors in Arthropods. Wiersma et al. 1 studied the responses of paired ‘muscle receptor organs’ in decapod Crustacea; these consist of muscle fibres with intercalated tendinous regions and are located dorsally in the abdomen and thorax. They found a slowly adapting unit response (tonic) and a comparatively fast adapting unit (phasic). According to Finlayson and Lowenstein2, proprio-ceptors in the dorsal longitudinal muscles of the abdomen of some saturniid moths consist of modified muscle fibres, and show tonic but not phasic discharges. In Limulus, Pringle3 recorded tonic discharges from proprioceptive nerve endings in the cuticle of the femoro-tibial joint, and obtained phasic responses from more internally situated chordotonal-like organs. Much histological information is available about internal stretch receptors in insects4, but apart from Hughes's5 work on abdominal chordotonal organs, their physiological properties are unknown.

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