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Biochemical Differences between Inbred and Outbred lines of Drosophila melanogaster studied by Paper Partition Chromatography


USING the techniques of paper chromatography described by Hadorn and Mitchell1 and Buzzati-Traverso2, a study of the physiological processes of ageing of Drosophila melanogaster was undertaken in four stocks in which two systems of mating had been established. Two of these four stocks were highly inbred (404–407 generations for Oregon and 294–297 generations for Samarkand, with inbreeding broken at the hundredth generation by one generation of cousin-mating; Scossiroli, R., personal communication); the other two stocks, also of Samarkand and Oregon, were mass mated. The fluorescent compounds found are in agreement with those found by Hadorn and collaborators (personal communication).

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