A Technique for the Controlled Growth of Excised Plant Tissue in Liquid Media Under Aseptic Conditions


EXCISED plant tissues are commonly grown on semi-solid rather than liquid media. Immersion of the cultures in liquid media usually reduces the rate of growth (a result presumably of reduced oxygen supply), while an effect on the ability of a culture to organise has been reported1. Given an inherent capacity of a tissue to grow, it is apparent that the growth-rate on an agar medium may well be limited by the rate of diffusion of nutrients through the agar. Hence the growth of such cultures may be more rapid on a liquid medium which is continually mixed, provided that access to oxygen is adequate. Growth in liquid media has obvious advantages wherever quantitative experiments on the absorption or nutritive effect of specific solutes is in question. It will be shown that for certain types of culture the liquid medium produces greater and more uniform growth.


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