An Unusual Solar Halo


    MR. J. E. BOWMAN, Armament Research Establishment, Fort Halstead, Kent, writes : "On May 10 at Shoeburyness I observed a solar halo of an unusual size. For about the last hour before sunset a well-defined parhelion of the 22° halo was visible to the north of the sun ; but there was no trace of the 22° halo itself. Just after the sun had set, however, the upper part of the 22° halo appeared, accompanied by a much smaller halo, the radius of which I estimated to be about 8-9°, and a sun pillar extending to some 15° above the sun. A patch of relatively greater brightness appeared where the sun pillar intersected the 8° halo. The whole spectacle, which lasted until a quarter of an hour after sunset, was extremely faint and could be distinguished only with difficulty. The display of halo phenomena continued after dark, for at 10 p.m. the moon was accompanied by the two paraselense of the 22° halo. Again, however, there was no trace of the 22° halo itself.

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