Mr. F. N. Ashcroft


IT was with deep regret that his many friends heard of the sudden death in London on April 4 of Frederick Noel Ashcmtt. He had just completed a great task as Session of the International Geological Congress. His careful attention to detail and his devotion to the work contributed largely to the great success of the Congress. He was publicly thanked for his work at a meeting of the Geological Society on March 23. Ashcroft brought to this task a wide knowledge of business accounts. He had been honorary treasurer of the Geological Society of London during 1929-47, and of the Mineralogical Society during 1920-42 ; also he was a managing trustee of the Geologists Association and of the Mineralogical Society. He was also honorary treasurer and vice-chairman of the Metropolitan District Nursing Association, with which he had been connected as a member of the Executive Committee since 1920. He was president of the Mineralogical Society during 1942-45, and at the time of his death he was its foreign secretary ; he was also a vice-president of the Geological Society.


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