Annual Review of Microbiology


    IN this, the second volume of a new series of annual reviews, an attempt is made to survey major aspects of the vigorous and ever-widening field of microbiology. Broadly speaking, the matter pre-sencedlranges over the physiology, pathogenicity and genetics of fungi, bacteria, protozoa and viruses ; but particular themes such as antibiotics, the nature of antibodies, the inheritance of immunity, the mode of action of therapeutic agents, nitrogen fixation, chemical disinfectants and the microbiology of soils, drinking water and sewage, have also received attention. In a work which is intended to provide up-to-date information over a wide field, it would be invidious to pick out particular essays for special mention ; indeed, as some of them run to forty or fifty odd pages, it would be difficult to do justice to any one of them in a short review. The reader is, however, assured of a wealth and diversity of information both in the text and in the comprehensive bibliographies.

    Annual Review of Microbiology

    Charles E. Clifton Sidney Raffel H. Albert Barker Vol. 2. Pp. viii+532. (Stanford, Calif.: Annual Reviews Inc.; London: H. K. Lewis and Co., Ltd., 1948) 6 dollars.

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