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IN the preceding letter, Sir John Cockcroft discusses the possibility of using high-energy electron accelerators as pulsed neutron sources. To investigate the potentialities of the method, measurements have been made on the linear electron accelerator at this Establishment1. An experiment was performed when the accelerator was providing 100 m.amp. peak current in a 2-µsec. pulse of electrons of energy 3·2 MeV. The electrons were absorbed in a lead target, and the resulting X-radiation was absorbed in a container about 13 in. long (in the direction of the beam) and 5 in. square. The container was filled either with heavy water or with beryllium scraps, the latter giving a density of about 0· 7 gm. / c.c. The neutrons produced were absorbed in manganese sulphate solution in a tank surrounding the container. The neutron production was measured by comparing the activity of the manganese solution with that produced by a 200-mgm. radium – beryllium source inserted in place of the container.


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    Nature, 160, 351 (1947).

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