Sir George Beilby Memorial Fund : Award to Dr. A. S. C. Lawrence

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    THE administrators of the Sir George Beilby Memorial Fund, representing the Institute of Metals, the Royal Institute of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry, have made an award from the for 1948 of one hundred and fifty guineas to Dr. A. S. C. Lawrence, in recognition of his research work in colloid science with special reference to lubrication and fuel oils. Dr. Lawrence was born in London and educated at Christ's Hospital ; in 1920 he became junior lecturer and research assistant at the Royal Institution, first to Sir James Dewar and in 1924 to Sir William Bragg. Later he worked at Cambridge in the Department of Physical Chemistry and also in Prof. E. K. Rideal's newly formed Laboratory of Colloid Science, where he remained until 1942 investigating various aspects of anomalous viscosity, including joint work with Dr. J. Needham on myosin, and on solubilization and related topics. A long investigation was made of soap-oil systems during this period for the Fuel Research Division of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. In 1939, researches on coal-in-oil suspensions and on coal tar were carried out for the Fuel Research Station. In 1942, Dr. Lawrence went to the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, as head of the research team of the joint Admiralty and Ministry of Supply advisory service on lubrication. In 1943 he worked on de-icing ships ; later he carried out researches on emulsions of sea water in fuel oil and related problems, including investigations in port areas and in H.M. ships, and eventually became advisor on fuel oil to the Engineer-in-chief, Admiralty. In 1947 he was appointed senior lecturer in chemistry in the University of Sheffield, a post which he now holds. Dr. Lawrence is the author of numerous papers, mainly dealing with colloids, published in the Profieedings of the Royal Society and other journals.

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