Establishment and Care of Lawns

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    AMONG the more general matters dealt with in a recent issue of the journal of the Board of Green-keeping Research (7, No. 24 ; 1948) are papers on the consolidation of lawn surfaces by bitumen, and a useful review of methods of earthworm control on lawns. R. B. Dawson and J. R. Escritt describe the method of stabilizing the surface of lawns by the application of sand and bitumen emulsion immediately after the grass seeds are sown. The treatment can also be applied to established turf. Lawn surfaces were much improved, and the process may be useful for small areas subject to heavy wear. Detrimental effects were not very marked, but the establishment of bent and timothy grasses was reduced. J. R. Escritt and J. H. Arthur review the methods available for earthworm control. Many species of earthworm do not form casts, and therefore are not a nuisance, but only help in aeration and soil mixing. Organic manures generally stimulate earthworm activity, while the presence of a turf 'mat' diminishes the production of unsightly casts. Factors of management and manuring are therefore important. The relative merits of mowrah meal, copper sulphate, potassium permanganate, derris, mercuric chloride, lead arsenate and other control substances are discussed and provide a very useful advisory review of this matter.

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    Establishment and Care of Lawns. Nature 163, 716 (1949) doi:10.1038/163716a0

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