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AUGUSTUS DANIEL IMMS, who died on April 3, 1949, at the age of sixty-eight, was well known to zoologists and entomologists throughout the world, and there are few, if any, modern zoological textbooks with a wider circulation than his famous "General Text-book of Entomology". Imms graduated at Birmingham in 1903 and shortly after-wards went to Christ's College, Cambridge, as an 1851 Scholar. Here he obtained a B.A. degree by research in the days before the institution of the Ph.D., and came much under the influence of Dr. David Sharp and Sir Arthur Shipley. From being an assistant demonstrator in zoology under Prof. Gamble at Birmingham, he went to India in 1907 as professor of biology in the University of Allahabad. Later he was for three years forest zoologist to the Government of India.

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