Development of British Somaliland

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    THE report on the General Survey of British Somaliland, 1946, conducted under Approved Scheme D484, Economic Survey and Reconnaissance, under the Colonial Development and Welfare Act, records that the 1946 rainfall was higher than average and well distributed (British Military Administration, Burao, Somaliland. Pp. 20 + 12 pi. 6s.). Tribes tended to move more to south-west than south-east and not so far afield from the Protectorate as in the previous two years. This was due to better rainfall in and near the Protectorate, and resulted also in a drawing in of Somali tribes towards British Somaliland. Rainfall and tribal migration maps are appended to the report. Development of water supplies and some minerals should be possible in 1947–48, and if the survey is continued until the end of 1950, a more balanced report, based on the records of a seven-year cycle, should be possible and facilitate the making of definite proposals for developing the country.

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    Development of British Somaliland. Nature 162, 137 (1948) doi:10.1038/162137b0

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