Uganda Forestry Department Report


    THE report for the year ended December 31, 1946, of the Uganda Forestry Department has recently been issued (Govt. Printer, Entebbe. Is. 6d.). The following quotation from a report on forestry in Uganda, by the late Prof. R. S. Troup in 1922, is given in an opening paragraph. "The percentage of timber forest in Uganda is very small compared with that of most timber-producing countries. . . . There does not, however, appear to be any real cause for alarm, provided the existing forest area is strictly maintained, and all accessible forests are brought under systematic management. . . . The preparation of forest Working Plans should be pushed on in all forests which are accessible to regular working. . . . Without Working Plans systematized work is impossible, and there is a strong risk of the forests being overworked and eventually rendered valueless." Uganda is one of the few departments in the Colonial Forest Services which has printed, published and circulated outside the Protectorate a working plan, with several others in hand. This plan is for the Budongo Forest and it undoubtedly saved that forest during the War. It has now been accurately revised for the second period of ten years, 1945-54. The Buganda Forests were exploited heavily during the War in the absence of a working plan, as in so many other parts of the British Empire and elsewhere in the world. The yield is now carefully controlled. The forest policy for Uganda is also being implemented by the systematic reservation of all main watersheds. This annual report shows that forestry and its requirements are thoroughly understood in Uganda.

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