Strawberries and Watercress as Commercial Crops

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    BULLETIN 95, "Strawberries"(London : H.M. Stationery Office. 2s. net), was originally published by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1937, but since that time so much new knowledge about the crop has become available that a new edition became necessary. This has now been accomplished with gratifying completeness, by co-operation between the scientific staffs of Long Ashton and East Mailing Jlesearch Stations. All aspects of culture are discussed ; but such items of practice as relate to the propagation and maintenance of healthy stocks receive special mention. One section deals with newer methods of out-of-season production, and an appendix describes the recognition of varieties. The section on diseases and pests is adequate ; but prompts the gentle criticism, that it is scarcely complete enough to deal with some troubles which are common in the northern part of Britain. Twenty-seven good half-tone figures add greatly to the value of the bulletin.

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    Strawberries and Watercress as Commercial Crops. Nature 162, 58 (1948) doi:10.1038/162058c0

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