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    THIS volume, the most recent in the Faune de France series, is well up to the standard of its predecessors. M. Lucien Berland is the author of the volumes on the Vespoidea and has placed hymen-opterists further in his debt in having written the present monograph. Under the term Tenthredoides he includes not only the sawflies but also all other members of the Symphyta or Phytophaga, as they are variously known. As in other volumes in the series, illustrations are a special feature-whole insects figuring very largely and often accompanied by sketches of structural details, while larvae are illustrated where necessary. Under each species will be found its chief synonyms, followed by a description of its external characters, the main facts regarding its habits, and its distribution in France and also in other countries. Diagnostic keys to both genera and species are particularly clear and easy to follow. Taking the book as a whole, it will also prove helpful to students of the British members of the Symphyta. At the end there is a tabular synopsis of larval characters in the different families and a list of species wherein parthenogenesis, in one form or another, is known to occur. This is followed by an enumeration of those species known to be injurious to cultivated plants and, finally, a catalogue of host plants and the species feeding upon them. This latter, it may be added, will be found particularly useful by many workers.

    Faune de France

    47 : Hyménoptères tenthredoïdes. Par Lucien Berland. (Fédération française des Sociétés de Sciences naturelles : Office central de faunistique.) Pp. 496. (Paris : Paul Lechevalier, 1947.) 1500 francs.

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