Johann Ludwig Steiner and the History of the Achromatic Lens


THE Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Zurich was founded on August 31, 1746 (see Nature, October 19, p. 559). Among the first eleven members was Johann Luding Steiner—perhaps the originator of the Socitty —a watchmaker and optician in Zurich. Goethe in his “Farbenlehre” says in a survey of the hisrory of achromatic lenses that the practical and theoretical work of Boscovich and Steiner will not be forgotten; but Steiner's has already been forgotten. This comment by Goethe has been followed up by Prof. D. Brinkmann, of the University of Zurich, and in an article entitled “Johann Ludwig Steiner, a forgotten founder of the Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Zurich”, he has published the results of his investigations (Prisma, No. 5, 1946).

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HAHN, A. Johann Ludwig Steiner and the History of the Achromatic Lens. Nature 158, 803 (1946).

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