Anti-Locust Research Centre


    DURING the War, the Anti-Locust Research Centre concentrated on forecasting and advisory services for anti-locust campaigns in Africa and the Middle East; but now a great for developing research activities has been made under the Colonial Research and Development Act, and Dr. D. L. Gunn, formerly of the University of Birmingham, has been appointed principal scientific officer to take charge of this side of the work. It is hoped that the co-operation of university departments, mainly in zoology, can be enlisted, as funds are available to provide some grants to research students willing to undertake laboratory work on selected problems, or to take part in field investigations abroad, particularly in connexion with aircraft methods of locust control. Both fundamental problems of locust physiology, behaviour, etc., and the problems of control are in the programme. Workers interested in such problems and heads of university departments who may be able to offer laboratory facilities are invited to write to the Director of the Centre, British Museum (Natural History), London, S.W.7.

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