Cauliflower-growing in Britain


    CAULIFLOWERS are the subject of Bulletin No. 131 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture (London: H.M. ' Stationery Office. 9d. net). Under this title the cultivation in Britain of both winter (broccoli) and summer cauliflowers for market production are discussed in detail, including recommendations as to varieties, soil preparation and manuring, harvesting, packing and marketing. Late varieties of winter cauliflower can be grown successfully in all counties, but the early maturing kinds, which require freedom from severe and sustained frost, are produced chiefly in coastal districts. Summer cauliflowers do best on warm, fertile soils with an adequate water supply. Planning is essential if continuous cutting is to be obtained, and careful selection is needed regarding the sites chosen and varieties grown. To ensure a crop ready for cutting in June, a special technique is required involving the use of frames, full details of which are supplied. Information is also provided concerning the type of cauliflowers suitable for pickling or brining, and also the production of the now popular Cape broccoli, which matures in late March or April when other vegetables are scarce. Control measures for a number of pests and diseases are given, and the bulletin concludes with a description of local practices, so that the long experience of large-scale growers may be available to all.

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