Restoration of Science in Austria


    A LEAFLET on “Science in Austria”, presented on the occasion of the meeting of British men of science and the Association of Austrian Chemists, Engineers and Scientific Workers in Great Britain in support of the restoration of science in Austria, on November 3, 1945 (see Nature, Jan. 12, 1946, p. 53), includes a survey of the present position (from the Association, 133 Hatherley Court, London, W.2. Pp. 28). It refers to material destruction due to the War-heavy damage to the main buildings of the University in Vienna, the loss of a large part of the books of the University Library, and the total loss of the Institute of Experimental Biology are mentioned -and of moral devastation due to Nazi rule and resistance to the Germans in the universities. The Provisional Government and the Secretary for Education are attributing the greatest importance to repairing the intellectual damage of seven years of Nazi rule. A short survey of past scientific achievements in Austria gives an impressive picture of our debt to Austria in physics, radioactivity, chemistry, zoology and botany, even in the difficult period through which this small and impoverished country passed between the world wars. The concluding part of the pamphlet, “What Austrian Scientists Desire”, expresses a hope for early restoration of contact between Austrian and Allied men of science, and includes a note by Emil Abel on the pioneers of physical chemistry in Austria, a tribute by F. Eirich to the work of H. Mark and W. Pauli, sen., in colloid chemistry, and other notes on Austrian work by L. Janossy (on cosmic rays), St. Jellinek (electro-pathology), H. Steiner (physical chemistry) and K. Weissenberg (on Guido Holzknecht's work on the application of X-rays to medicine).

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