Dr. F. W. Lanchester, F.R.S.


DR. F. W. LANCHESTER died at his home in Birmingham on March 8, and the world of engineering lost a figure of the type which is perhaps only just beginning to be appreciated-a great physicist who applied his knowledge and critical mind to engineering problems. He was born on September 23, 1868, was educated privately and received his scientific training at the Royal College of Science, South Kensington. His earlier days were devoted to the automobile world, and he is generally credited with having produced the first motor-car driven by an internal combustion engine in 1895-96. He certainly founded the Lanchester Motor Co., Ltd., in 1899, and the firm's first product contained many unique features typical of his genius and unorthodox views. He was afterwards associated with the Daimler and B.S.A. companies, and then took up the compression ignition engine with Messrs. Beardmore, which activities lasted up to 1930.

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