Metallography of Magnesium and its Alloys


    MESSRS. F. A. Hughes and Co. and Magnesium Elektron, Ltd., have already placed the metallurgical world deeply in their debt by their excellent translation of Beck's "Technology of Magnesium and its Alloys". They have now increased that debt by translating another German book dealing with a much narrower part of the magnesium field: Bulian and Fahrenhorst's "Metallographie des Magnesium und seiner technischen Legierungen". In one respect this translation differs from that of the earlier book, a very valuable feature of which was that footnotes, correcting errors of statement, important omissions or biased points of view, were freely added to the text. Perhaps it is a pity that this has not been done in the translation under review; but it must be admitted that such notes are not nearly so needed in a book like the present one, which is written around a series of photographs, whereas in Beck's book the personal opinion and bias of the writer had much more play.

    Metallography of Magnesium and its Alloys

    A translation from the German by the Technical Staffs of F. A. Hughes and Co., Ltd., and Magnesium Elektron, Ltd., of "Metallographie des Magnesiums und seiner technischen Legierungen", by Walter Bulian and Eberhard Fahrenhorst. Pp. xi + 117. (London: F. A. Hughes and Co., Ltd., 1944.) 15s.

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