A Permanent International Scientific Commission


IT is sincerely to be hoped that the United Nations Conference for the Establishment of an Educational and Cultural Organisation will, as one result of its deliberations, set up some form of international scientific commission. Such a body has long been needed and never more than in the present period of rehabilitation and reconstruction. The experiences of the War have shown, not only in industrial countries but also in the agricultural and other undeveloped regions, that the rational application of scientific knowledge and the initiation and carrying out of research and development in relation to current problems is an absolute necessity for progress. The War has also shown that the gap which has long existed between scientific research and practical results can, with suitable organization, be drastically narrowed. This experience bears with it the responsibility for seeing that methods at least as efficient shall be put into operation with the minimum of delay for the purposes of peace.

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BERNAL, J. A Permanent International Scientific Commission. Nature 156, 557–558 (1945). https://doi.org/10.1038/156557a0

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