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    THE annotated catalogue issued by Schuman's, 30 East 70th Street, New York, under the name of "Medical Miscellany List 'J'", includes, besides a large number of miscellaneous works on medicine and science, two sections devoted respectively to neurology and psychiatry and war medicine. The miscellaneous works include books by Baillou on epidemiology, diseases of the skin by Alibert, anthropology by Blumenbach, physiological optics by Helmholtz, as well as the first fifteen volumes of the Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Surgery of Paris. Among the books on neurology and psychiatry are works by Brown-Séquard, Freud, Janet, Kraft-Ebing, Puschmann, Spallazani and Vesalius. The section on war medicine contains Hans von Gerssdorff's field book of surgery (1528), John Pringle's "Observations on the Diseases of the Army"(1765) van Swieten's "Diseases incident to Armies"(1776) and works on the American Civil War (1861-1870), including documents concerning the United States Sanitary Commission.

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